LulzBot AO-101 3D Printer Preview with Best Price

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LulzBot AO-101 3D Printer

LulzBot AO-101 3D Printer description

Imagine turning your ideas into real 3D objects you can hold in your hand. LulzBot delivers the ultimate desktop 3D printer, empowering business innovators and inventors to conceive, create, and manufacture prototypes and products more quickly and efficiently than ever.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D printed object tells the entire story. Like moveable type transformed and democratized communication, 3D printing is transforming innovation and industry. The LulzBot AO-101 from Aleph Objects, Inc., is transforming the desktop 3D printer industry. A few short years ago, creating a three dimensional prototype or short-run production required tens of thousands of dollars and months of time, making efficient innovation difficult for most and prohibitively expensive for many. Our technology allows you to design and print virtually anywhere, whether that's short-run manufacturing or rapid proto-typing. Designed for innovators, prototypers, manufacturers, hobbyists, engineers, universities, architects, or medical practices - as a community we are advancing the world of 3D printing.

The LulzBot AO-101 is the best quality machine on the market, fully assembled, robust and ready to ship next day. Complete with a toolkit, plastic for printing, and a step-by-step manual, the AO-101 arrives at your doorstep ready to roll. Our manufacturing process produces rock-solid, durable printers that allow you to repeat projects time and time again with fewer errors.

The AO-101 is the perfect alternative to the high-dollar additive manufacturing systems on the market today and is designed specifically for business innovators and inventors. Reliability, ease of use, compact size, large print area, preassembled and calibrated, low maintenance, exceptional print quality, industry leading print speed, 90-day warranty - the AO-101 gets the job done.

For more information see our PDF brochure:
Check it out Here LulzBot AO-101 3D Printer -

LulzBot AO-101 3D Printer Features

  • Comes fully-assembled and ready-to-print.
  • Includes 5 lbs of ABS filament to start printing immediately. The AO-101 is capable of printing ABS and PLA plastic filaments.
  • Layer resolution: 75 to 500 microns
  • The AO-101 is a Libre Hardware product. All of the part designs are provided with the printer. Printable updates are also made available at
  • One of the most reliable desktop 3D printers on the market

LulzBot AO-101 3D Printer Best Price

Aleph Objects, Inc.

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